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What does YOUR child do online?Is Your Child Being Naughty Online?
Are you worried that your child might be doing naughty things on the Internet? Curious children often perform searches for sexually-explicit content. They think you will never know. But they are wrong.


What does YOUR spouse do online?Is Your Spouse Having an Online Cyber Affair?
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Just what are they doing on the PC for so long when you aren't around? They clean their tracks to hide it. But they can't hide anymore.


What does YOUR employee do online?Is Your Employee Working or Playing Online?
Have you noticed a drop in productivity? Your employee(s) may be goofing off when you aren't around. Do they play games or chat when they are supposed to be working? Now you can know the TRUTH.

New Online Spy Software Products.

SniperSpySniper Spy Remote Online Monitoring Software
SniperSpy software remotely installs to your computer through email. Unlike the other remote spy titles on the market, SniperSpy fully and completely bypasses the Windows XP Firewall.

Sniper Spy Details


What is spy software used for?
Spy software is used for protecting your privacy on your computer from being stolen by others. By installing spy software on your computer, you may record all activities on your computer. Business can also profit from our software in the forms of employee supervision and workstation security. Check out more uses!

Most time, you may use this software to spy on your children's internet activities on your computer. Protect them from getting into bad web sites on the Internet. Prevent them from chatting or making friends with bad guys on the Web. Same goes for your spouse, catching cheaters has never been so easy.

Our Software is greatly valuable in your small or large business. Employee supervision is much needed today. Monitor your workplace with NetVizor to ensure maximum productivity of your employees.

Spyware Software Products.
Our spyware software products are focused on PC surveillance and e-spying this includes monitoring or recording all user activities on one or more computer. They may include: Keystrokes, Screen shots, Sound, Web sites Visited, Programs Launched, Movie Played, Emails Sent/Received, Files Opened/Viewed, and more...

Internet Conversation Logging
Window Activity Logging
Disk Activity Logging
Application Activity Logging
Printed Documents Logging
Keystroke Monitoring
Keystroke Monitoring
Web sites Activity Logging
Files and Documents Accessed

Monitor MySpace
What are your children seeing on MySpace?
Monitor your children on MySpace

Parenta Control Software
Now a proud partner of offers Software solutions which will allow you to:


Keystrokes Typed
Web site Visits
Applications Ran
Internet Connections Made
Files / Documents Viewed
Chat Conversations
Windows Opened
Outgoing Email / Webmail
Chat Conversations
All Email Activity
Windows Viewed
Webmail, like Hotmail
Screen shots

Logs via E-mail
Remote Desktop
Programs Running
Open Windows
Internet Connections
Internet Histories
Recently Viewed Files
Activity Logs
Remote System Information
View Remote File System
Remote Control Panels
Specified Programs
Mouse Movements

Internet Connections Made
Files / Documents Viewed
Passwords Entered
Web site Visits
All Email Activity
AOL/AIM Instant Messages
AOL Chats
Keystrokes Typed
Web site Visits
Applications Ran


Monitor a PC from Anywhere
Secure online log storage
Disables Spyware Detectors
Remotely Installable!
Control running applications
Control open windows
Edit registry keys
Send messages to user
Lockdown Scheduling
Lockdown on Windows boot
Start Menu Access

Realtime Remote Monitoring
Realtime Remote Control
Browse File Systems
Built-In Content Filtering
Roving User Tracking
Remote Computer Viewer
Remote Web site Launching
Filter Applications Ran
Easy Access Hotkey
Events log viewer
Remote Prog. Launching

Remote System Lockdown Control
Remote System Shutdown/Startup
Filter web site Visits
Content Filtering
Grabs Screen shots of User Activity!
Track ALL Screen ames used on your AOL account

Computer Spyware Software
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